Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mercantile Gatherings Magazine

Back in 2004, our home was featured in the very first edition of the Mercantile Gatherings magazine. There have been many changes in how things look now compared to when they were in this magazine. Naturally I like my house better now than in 2004. I just thought it was neat to be in a magazine! To find out more about this magazine click here.

 pics 190525

pics 190526

When Rusty and I went shopping last week, we were at Menards and they had all their Christmas 38% off. I found this Charlie Brown Christmas globe. It is not glass, it’s plastic and when you push the button snow flies around and it plays music. I’m like a little kid, I just keep pushing the button, listening to the music and watching it snow!

pics 190532

Today was our last day of school at FM until January. We added some Christmas lights to our Charlie Brown wall.

pics 190464

I have been working on some projects lately. First of all I have been working on some little stockings for my Christmas table setting to hold silverware. Joan and I found this pattern when we were out and about one day. We used different material and Joan made the design that goes on the front. I just have to put my star on the trees and have someone (aka Joan) sew them together for me. I don’t know if I will get them done for this year or not, we shall see.

pics 190527

Another thing I did was make some Homemade sugar scrub. I found the recipe on line somewhere. I haven’t tried any myself, maybe I should do that before I pawn it off on someone, you think!! It smells really good though!

pics 190538


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