Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Charlie Brown

Here is  our Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations at work. We had some art students make the characters for us and they received some extra credit for doing so.

pics 190439

pics 190440

pics 190441

pics 190442

pics 190443

Here is our little Charlie Brown tree and Snoopy. You press Snoopy’s paw and he moves and plays the Christmas music from the  Peanuts’ Christmas show. It’s fun to watch some of the little ones that come through and smile and dance when Snoopy is playing.

pics 190444

Charlie and Snoopy send their Christmas regards!!



  1. This was again one of Mindy's creative ideas
    for school cafteria. Isn"t it just fun. Don't
    know what I would do if I didn't have Mindy and
    her creative ideas and decorating. Thanks Mindy

  2. Thanks Carla! You have a lot of good ideas as well!