Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Big date and a project

Ever since it snowed we have pretty much been at home. Rusty had some days off around Christmas but he is back to work now. Today we made a date for when he got home from work. Do you want to know where we went on our date? Can you stand the excitement once you are told? Ok, here it is……….we went to…………are you ready……………


Yes, we went to Walmart! We were in need of some groceries and a few other essentials. It was fun though I must say, just to get out of the house and go somewhere together.

I have been working on another Maggie project since I’ve been cooped up. I finished it today. It is called an Antique Vine Runner. The pattern is in Maggie’s book, “With these Hands”.

pics 190577

pics 190584

You can see it on the fireplace mantle in the picture above.


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