Monday, November 9, 2009


Here we are back to Monday again. I’m still working on my project with the book, glue gun and foam. Maybe tomorrow I will have it done. I need to work on my quilt block, still haven’t finished that yet. I think I’m slipping! Just doesn’t seem to be enough time to fit everything in that needs to get done!

We had to go to the Fall Sports Banquet tonight. Just got home a little while ago. Doug had to stay after for play practice. The play is this Friday and Saturday.

I can’t remember if I have put this picture on before or not but I thought it was pretty. There are so many things you can use when setting a candle into a glass hurricane. Who would have thought to use corn?!


Here’s another idea for repurposing. Use a rake head to hold some candles. See, you need to think before you throw something out!!



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