Monday, November 2, 2009

Friends and the love of old…

You always here me mention Twila. That is where we go for our classes on Maggie Bonanomi’s wool coverlet. She and her husband Dave live in a beautiful log home. Their home is one of many featured in Judy Condon’s book, “A Simpler Time.” There are some inside shots of her home as well in the book. If you wish to see those pictures and many others of some neat primitive homes you need to purchase the book. I never get tired of looking at the pictures. It’s one of my dream and drool books!

pics 190230

pics 190233

Her front porch always looks so welcoming! You just want to plop yourself down and stay awhile. Whenever Joan and I go over for a class and Joan drives, as we pull into the driveway I always say to her, “Thanks for the ride home Joan!” (Wishful dreamin on my part :-) !!) Seriously though, as I have said before I have learned much from Twila and her love of primitives. I feel very fortunate that I have had the pleasure and enjoyment of being her friend. The same thing can be said about my friend Joan as well who has the same appreciation of the older things in life. We both enjoy the things of old, the stories they tell, the places they’ve been, the previous owners that had these possessions and just that sentimental value that is attached to a lot of these items. I’ll take old and loved over new and modern any day. I’m just a raggedy ann in a barbie doll world as they say.

pics 190234

Primitive smiles,


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