Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Burnt fingers and lips

I’m experiencing a little pain as I type this. Remember the picture below with the items that I used?

pics 190245

Well here is the finished product! You simply tear out the pages of the book and roll them anyway you want and hot glue them to the wreath. You can use a little brown paint to paint the edges of the pages before you tear them out of the book. I purchased the book from the good will store. Now, this is not hard at all to do in fact before I finished it I thought to myself, I can make some of these to sell or for gifts. Well some burnt fingers and lips later (lips, because I would shove my burning finger in my mouth to cool it and burn my lips instead) I decided it was too painful for me to want to whip another one right away. I even used a pencil to hold down the paper to get it to stick but I still burned myself.

pics 190254 

pics 190256

 Here is where I found the idea and picture they had done.


Still blowing on my fingers and licking my lips,


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  1. Mindy the wreath is so pretty you are so gifted
    and creative. sorry bout the burnt fingers but
    your project shows how dedicated a person you are.