Sunday, November 22, 2009

Another Thrifty find

I can’t believe it is going to be Monday tomorrow. The weekend went too fast. I have so many things to get accomplished and so little time to work on the things I want to do. I have tons of ideas in my head that by bedtime I am wore out! Here is another thrifty find I came across. This is the before:

pics 190315

It had these cherry picks stuck in the bottom but I liked the vase and the flowers.  You see these flowers all the time at Christmas. You can buy them at Walmart even and you grow them at Christmas time. So instead of trying to grow one I found this one and reworked it a bit.

pics 190316

Look, I found this picture and they are even in white pots like this one. It’s always fun when you can duplicate something for a lot less.


Here are some other photos I found.





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