Sunday, October 18, 2009


I was up bright and early this morning although I guess it wasn’t any earlier than a work morning. I had to take a continuing ed class. It was offered today or Monday morning and I chose today as then I wouldn’t have to miss work. Aren’t I a faithful employee?!

Here’s a link for cute sandwich making. Click here. They have a lot of cute sandwich ideas. They hope to produce a book of their Funky lunches to show you how to create them. I think this would be a must if you had little kids around or maybe it would even help you eat better!! :-)


I liked this punch idea from Martha. I like the ice in it. She used gloves and a mask to make the floating ice. That really adds the final touch don’t you think? For the recipe click here.


In fact, looking at this punch makes me thirsty, I better go get me a drink!!


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