Sunday, October 4, 2009


Sweet little Gracie girl was in town today so I got to go spend some time with her! Oh yeah I almost forgot, Linda was there too! (just kidding Linda!)

pics 190107

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Here are some decorating ideas for you. I just think this idea is really clever. Make a witch to put around your door bell! Click here to find out how to make it.


Here is an idea from Good Housekeeping. It wouldn’t take much to put these together, other than time.

decorating ideas

Another idea from allyou. If you have any birdhouses, you can transform them into a haunted house.


How about this wreath? Spray paint your flowers and picks black and then purchase some googly eyes and glue them into place.


Greet your guests with a pair of witches legs.


Country Home showed these little pumpkins on sticks.


I just love October, fall and Halloween. The cooler weather it brings and the trees changing colors! There are so many fun things to see and do during this time of year. I hope to share many more ideas before the season is over. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, get in gear with some decorating of your own!

fall blessings,


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