Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday and snow

Can you believe it? We got our first little bit of snow. Nothing major though and not enough to keep me from having a great day. Joan and I made a trip over to Lincoln. We went to Sweet Annies first. They were scheduled to have a antique show but they postponed it due to the weather. We decided we needed a day away so we went ahead and took off. They had a lot of nice things and neat fall decorations.

pics 190118

I tried to take a picture of the cute window display but I mostly got a reflection.

pics 190119

This was neat, just spray paint a twig wreath black and decorate it for Halloween. They had some little bits of bittersweet tucked in it here and there but between the wind and people going in and out most of it fell out.

pics 190120

Talk about frost on your pumpkin, these had a little bit of snow!

pics 190121 

I bought this cute cat made out of a sock. (Quit laughing and rolling your eyes at me!!) He was one of many in a basket and I felt bad about taking him and leaving the others. The other ones are probably wondering what was wrong with them that I didn’t snatch them up too. See, in my defense, after seeing the movie Toy Story and watching the toys and things talk when no one else is around, it got me thinking that just maybe that is what goes on once you leave the room!! LOL I tried to get Joan to feel sorry for the others but I guess I wasn’t convincing enough!

pics 190125

Then I purchased this little hooked rug.

pics 190124

After we left there we headed to Aunt Patty’s. We didn’t know they were having their Christmas open house so we got to partake in that. I really wasn’t in the mood for Christmas, too darn early for that but they also had their fall and Halloween things out. They have a blog with pictures of some of their merchandise. Click here to see.  Then we went to Hobby Lobby to check things out 190122

We stopped at a couple of other places before heading home. The weather turned out to be really nice, other than a little cold. We had a great day as we always do!


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