Saturday, October 17, 2009

It’s Sweet Annie’s again

Well Joan and I headed over to Sweet Annie’s again today. We went because they had to reschedule their antique show for today. It was supposed to be last Saturday. So we had to make another trip over because heaven forbid we might miss something that we absolutely positively couldn’t live without!! LOL  I just love to see how everything is displayed. That’s always fun to me! Click pictures to make larger.

pics 190160

I picked up this little wool pumpkin. I thought it would be fun to make some. Now whether or not I get around to it is another story.

pics 190165

Last night I put some little lights on my fireplace. Don’t know how well you can see them in the picture.

pics 190162

pics 190163

pics 190159

I thought it was pretty cold most of the day. I thought it was supposed to warm up. But I am not complaining cause I like it cooler!!! Either way, enjoyed the day!


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