Friday, October 9, 2009

Cell phone and Pottery Barn


When I got home from work today I ran over to Shenandoah with Jacob. He wanted to upgrade his phone so we ran over and got that done. We have Chat mobility. It used to be cellular 29 Plus. We have had them for a long time and have always had good cell phone service so we have just stuck with them.


The new Thanksgiving Pottery Barn catalog was in my mailbox today. I love looking at the pictures in it. They always have some good decorating ideas. Click on the pictures if you want to make them bigger.

pics 190117

Love this bed! Someday I’d like to have a four poster bed.

pics 190109

Check out this neat cabinet !

pics 190112

The board on the wall is a screen-printed reproduction of turn of the century typewriter keys.

pics 190114

This picture shows you a lot of different ways to use glass hurricanes and vases. Love Love Love!

pics 190116

Well as usual I have the catalog, I have the ideas now I just need the money!! But once you see some ideas you can try and replicate them on your own. For instance I have seen similar glass hurricanes at Walmart and depending on what you use to fill them, you could come up with something similar. Also the typewriter keys, you could get a board, make the black circles by using a glass cylinder and then use either decals for the letters or if you’re real artistic you could paint them on or use stencils. You just have to look at something and use your imagination!


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