Saturday, September 12, 2009

Popcorn Day 2009

Here are some pictures I managed to take. If you click on the pictures you can make them bigger.

This is Phillips’s Hillside Orchard stand at the park.

pics 189832 pics 189833

In the picture below is my Aunt Lylith working the stand.

pics 189834

Lylith and her friend at their stand

pics 189835

pics 189836

pics 189837

pics 189838

pics 189839

pics 189841

Grand Marshall Marv and Toots Vollertson.

pics 189842

Hamburg Kiwanis President Marvin and Shirley Oakes.

pics 189843

pics 189844

Stonor Drug entry. In the wagon is Cris Bennett, Debbie Reeves and Marge Bennett

pics 189847

Popcorn Queen and little miss popcorn queen candidates. The queen was Paige O’barsky. Lea Howell was little Miss Popcorn

pics 189848

Class of ‘59

pics 189849

Class of ‘64

pics 189850

Class of ‘79

pics 189851

United Trinity Church Float.

pics 189852

pics 189853

pics 189854

pics 189855

pics 189856

It only rained a little in the morning and then it quit. It was Kind of hot out in the sun but otherwise a pretty nice day.


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