Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Doug!



Today is Doug’s 17th birthday. Wow, my baby is 17. That is so unreal! Since he has a game tonight, we will celebrate tomorrow.

Last night Joan and I had our first Quilt class at Twila’s. If you remember I told you a while back about the Maggie quilt we were going to make.

pics 061_thumb[5]

pics 064_thumb[4]

Last night we worked on our first block which is the middle one with the log cabin on it. We cut out our pieces and pinned them on and then started stitching them on. We all took our block home to finish and then we will bring them back next month to see everybody’s and then we will start the 2nd block.  It will be neat to see everyones. Even though it is the same pattern and we are using the same colors, everyone will have their own personal touch. I really love this project and I especially love spending time at Twila’s log home!


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