Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gas leak and memory making


Well late Friday night as we were all tired and getting ready to call it a day the air conditioner kicked on and this awful smell was coming out of the vent. I’m thinkin, what is that? I thought maybe a dead mouse was the culprit. Rusty went downstairs to do some investigating and decided we must have a gas leak. Well I started getting worried about it as I didn’t want us to all go to sleep and never wake up, so Rusty called the gas company and they said they would send someone out. So I get Derek, Jake and sweet puppy Reese and we get in the car and leave the house for awhile. Doug wasn’t home. We thought we might go over to my mom and dad’s but the lights were all out so we just came back and parked out in front. Of course every time a car would come by Jake would inform us to duck down as heaven forbid he would be seen in the car with his mom, brother and family dog just sitting in a parked car on Main Street in the dead of night. Doug came home while we were in the car so he got in and we all waited for Rusty and the gas man to give us the low down. Turns out we did have a couple of gas leaks and the guy fixed them. He did say they weren’t major ones so we wouldn’t have been in real danger but better safe than sorry! Anyway I enjoyed my time locked in the car with my boys. I considered it some good bonding time! I wonder if they would consider it a weekly family night event?! My guess is PROBABLY NOT! Oh well at least we created a memory!



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