Friday, September 25, 2009


My site was down for awhile yesterday but everything is back up today. Is it just me or are the days just flying by? I can not believe we will soon be in to October. That is just unreal.

Have you ever had your whole hand go numb? I woke up last night and my right hand was numb. It burns really bad. Whenever I do anything repeatedly with my hand it does that. Today I can’t really close my hand real tight. Maybe I’m just trying to do too much work you suppose?!!

Yesterday when I came home from work I had a nice surprise waiting for me! My brother brought me some little pumpkin gourds! Thanks Greg! You’re my favorite brother! (He’s also my only brother) I was so excited! I washed them all up and then today I was playing around with my camera taking some pictures of them.

pics 189901

pics 189902

pics 189905

pics 189906

pics 189907

pics 189908 

pics 189910

My tree over yonder thought I was pretty darn crazy!!

pics 189900


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