Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday wishes


Hope you have a great one!

Saturday when we went to the craft shows during Applejack, we saw a perfect example of repurposing. Just find a old milk can and whatever else you have and put it all together. Remember you can click on pictures to make them larger.

pics 189872

Here they had taken old punch bowls or any kind of fancy bowls and made bird feeders out of them.

pics 189878

Here are a couple of pumpkins I got from Willy and Lynette. I just thought the orange one was so big and perfect looking! The pale orange one is something different. It has bumps all over it. Mom said it reminded her of a chenille bedspread.

pics 189892

Look at how my vine has really grown. It’s even starting to lay on the patio.

pics 189893


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  1. I love the birdfeeders made out of old punch bowls. Thanks for the idea!