Sunday, September 20, 2009

Applejack weekend

Yesterday mom, Angi and I went to some craft shows at Nebraska City. We went out to Pumpkin Ridge. I think it was bigger than last year. They had a lot of things to look at. Clicking on pictures will make them larger.

pics 189871

pics 189876

Of course had to get a picture of all these good lookin pies!

pics 189877

The view from there is absolutely gorgeous! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a view like this from your house?

pics 189873

pics 189874 

pics 189875

pics 189880

pics 189882

Then we headed out to the VF Mall. This was my friend Paula’s booth.

pics 189886

pics 189887

Just look at all these mums! The colors are just out of this world!

pics 189883

pics 189885

pics 189888

Had to get a picture of Willy and Lynette’s pumpkins!

pics 189889

It was a gorgeous day yesterday! We didn’t get to see everything. I had to cut the day short to get back and get ready for Doug’s birthday. The craft shows are today also but I have too much to do around here so I probably won’t go back over.



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