Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Here we are middle of the week already! When I went out to get in my car this morning I was reminded once again that this is Homecoming week. So I grabbed my camera and took some pictures of Doug’s car. HIs girlfriend Megan painted his windows.

pics 189998

pics 189999

pics 190000

Then from work I went straight to Essex as Carla and I attended a class there for school. Nothing to see in the picture other than proof I was there!

pics 190001

Then I came home and ran a jello cake to youth group. Speaking of food……..

I found this yummy lookin recipe you could put on your menu list for that wild Halloween party you’re planning! It’s called, “Ear wax on a Swab!” Looks to be marshmallows dipped in caramel on a stick. At least I hoping that’s what it is!

earwax on a swab



Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mural and Pumpkin Scarecrows

This picture was on someone’s site a while back. How would you like to have this mural painted on your ceiling above your bed or anywhere for that matter? I guess this mural is painted on the ceiling of a smoking lounge, obviously to make people think twice before lighting up!


Here’s some ideas for you to decorate your yard or someone else’s. I always thought it would be fun to make one in somebody’s yard when they’re not home. Wouldn’t they be surprised! :-)










pumpkin smiles,


Monday, September 28, 2009

First block complete

I have my first quilt block complete. I am anxious to start on the 2nd one. It is so much fun and I love the colors! I’m so glad I signed up for this class! It’s my therapy!

pics 189966


I found these pictures the other day and I was wondering which house Peter Peter pumpkin eater lives in?! I like the first house myself!







pumpkin Hugs,


Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yesterday mom and I went down to the Brownville flea market. We went early in the morning. It was kind of rainy off and on but we managed to check things out. This is the winery. I was going to do some wine tasting but it was too early in the morning for that. You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.

pics 189915

pics 189917

pics 189921

pics 189919

How’s this for repurposing?

pics 189920

pics 189922

pics 189923

I saw this little log cabin for five dollars and thought I would get it and primmy it up. It was too light for me. Here’s the before and after.

pics 189926 

pics 189929 

See what looks like little pumpkins below? They said they were pumpkin peppers. They start out red and are bigger (kind of like the little pumpkin gourds I took pictures of) and then this is how they look when they dry. I thought they would be cute with my log home!

pics 189956

I also found this little cabin for 2 bucks.

pics 189960

Those were my big purchases of the day!

Fall Hugs,


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gas leak and memory making


Well late Friday night as we were all tired and getting ready to call it a day the air conditioner kicked on and this awful smell was coming out of the vent. I’m thinkin, what is that? I thought maybe a dead mouse was the culprit. Rusty went downstairs to do some investigating and decided we must have a gas leak. Well I started getting worried about it as I didn’t want us to all go to sleep and never wake up, so Rusty called the gas company and they said they would send someone out. So I get Derek, Jake and sweet puppy Reese and we get in the car and leave the house for awhile. Doug wasn’t home. We thought we might go over to my mom and dad’s but the lights were all out so we just came back and parked out in front. Of course every time a car would come by Jake would inform us to duck down as heaven forbid he would be seen in the car with his mom, brother and family dog just sitting in a parked car on Main Street in the dead of night. Doug came home while we were in the car so he got in and we all waited for Rusty and the gas man to give us the low down. Turns out we did have a couple of gas leaks and the guy fixed them. He did say they weren’t major ones so we wouldn’t have been in real danger but better safe than sorry! Anyway I enjoyed my time locked in the car with my boys. I considered it some good bonding time! I wonder if they would consider it a weekly family night event?! My guess is PROBABLY NOT! Oh well at least we created a memory!



Friday, September 25, 2009


My site was down for awhile yesterday but everything is back up today. Is it just me or are the days just flying by? I can not believe we will soon be in to October. That is just unreal.

Have you ever had your whole hand go numb? I woke up last night and my right hand was numb. It burns really bad. Whenever I do anything repeatedly with my hand it does that. Today I can’t really close my hand real tight. Maybe I’m just trying to do too much work you suppose?!!

Yesterday when I came home from work I had a nice surprise waiting for me! My brother brought me some little pumpkin gourds! Thanks Greg! You’re my favorite brother! (He’s also my only brother) I was so excited! I washed them all up and then today I was playing around with my camera taking some pictures of them.

pics 189901

pics 189902

pics 189905

pics 189906

pics 189907

pics 189908 

pics 189910

My tree over yonder thought I was pretty darn crazy!!

pics 189900


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I went down to Simply Primitives last weekend. They are having a big sale as they are going to close. I’m really sad to see it close but I realize you have to have enough business to be able to keep up and running. Anyway, I found me a braided rug to put under my dining room table. I got it for $35.00. A very good buy I must say! Don’t look too close at my craft table in the background as it is kind of messy!

pics 189897

Isn’t this house gorgeous? It is one of the homes featured in the fall issue of Country Sampler.


Here it is in the winter. Beautiful isn’t it?! These pictures are from here.



Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Hey, check out this canister set! I like how it holds all your important ingredients! Gotta love those labels! Found them here.


Love these pictures I found here.

white pumpkins sepia



You always tend to think of pumpkins being orange but you have to admit these white ones are really neat!


I’ve seen several different versions of using a tree branch for a decoration. This one has treat bags hanging on it.The one below is from here.


This one is from here.


Basically you take a branch, spray paint it black if you want, then make or buy little fall or Halloween ornaments to hang on the branches! Fun!