Thursday, August 27, 2009


Well it’s almost Friday and almost September. I think the weeks are just sailing by so fast anymore. It’s kind of scary!

Today I went to my friend Paula’s after work. She was having a fall open house. She sells and makes a lot of primitive things and her husband makes a lot of primitive furniture. I saved back my birthday money so I would have some spending money. I bought this white pumpkin, and the gourd on the right and the little white and green ones. I threw them in a wooden bowl and put it on the dining room table. When I get my house decorated for fall I will post some pictures. I’m trying to hold off until September.

pics 189734

I found this picture here. I thought it was neat how they put yarrow around the candle.



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  1. The pumpkin and gourds look great. Thanks
    for coming over. I enjoyed our visit. I think
    the yarrow is nice around the candle too.