Saturday, August 22, 2009


Today I helped Angi move some things into her apartment. It is a really nice place.

pics 189726

Her apartment is right at the top of the stairs.

pics 189725

pics 189727

Here’s Angi making another trip to the car. We had a good day catching up on things and we went to a few stores, ate lunch, just had a nice day. It was so beautiful out today!  Anyway, while talking with Angi, I learned her oldest sister Linda does this Emotional Freedom Technique. She does EFT sessions and workshops and created the magical tapping bear. Tapping is a healing technique. She has a website that you can check out and read about her EFT experiences.




Rue Hass, Linda Wood, Gwyneth Moss

with USA Neurofeedback experts,

Donna and Gary Grosbeck. 

Here is the link to her site:


She also has this video.



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