Saturday, August 15, 2009


Jake left today to go up and stay at IWCC. We moved him in Thursday and then he went back up today to stay. They were having a BBQ this evening for everyone to get acquainted and then tomorrow he has a meeting he has to attend. So my boy number 2 has left the house. I know he will be back lots but it’s just a whole new chapter in his life. It was just yesterday he was the cutest little thing calling his little brother, “be be” instead of baby. Now it’s just Douglas. He has 2 years of high school left. My gosh, where’s the pause button? It’s going too fast! Here is Jake getting ready to leave.

pics 189715 

pics 189716

I can tell he really wants to give mom a hug but that wouldn’t be cool.

pics 189717

pics 189718

I wonder how he’s doing about now? Maybe I should call him?! No better yet if I do anything I better “text” him. I think I will just wait and talk to him later even though I’ll be wondering how he’s doing?!LOL


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