Monday, August 10, 2009


It’s getting that time of year again when school will be starting. Doug will be a Junior and Jake will be starting at IWCC and I will be going back to work. The countdown has officially begun. Now that I have that figured out I will show you my next project I will be working on. This picture isn’t very good. It is a pattern from Barefoot Primitives.

pics 189699

I found these pictures from another gals blog who made the same pattern. Here are her pictures.



It’s like a tri-fold and you put the little dolls in each pocket. If you had little ones at church or any where for that matter they could play with the little dolls. I just love it. Of course I have no little girls but I just think it is the cutest little thing. Maybe someday there will be some little girl somewhere to enjoy it. If not, the little girl in me will certainly always love it!!


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