Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hot and Tired

Well I am definitely hot and tired today. We moved Jake up to IWCC into one of the suites. His room is really nice. We didn’t get to meet any of his roommates today. Two of them are 2nd year students and don’t move in until tomorrow and the other 1st year student must be going to move in tomorrow also. The Suites are nice. There are 4 students in each suite. They all have their own room which they can lock. There are 2 bathrooms so you share a bathroom with one other person and then there is a area like a living room that they all can share. You can put your own TV and mini frig in your bedroom as well as the living area. This is Jake’s room. Rusty is getting ready to hang a bulletin board.

pics 189701

You don’t have to loft your bed but Jake wanted his up so he could have the space under his bed. I just don’t like that it covers up his window and of course ole mom is going to worry about him falling!

pics 189702

pics 189703

pics 189705

In the picture above, you are looking at the shared living room area. The door with the papers hanging on it is the door that lead outside into the hall, in other words it is the front door to the suite.

pics 189707

Here is the bathroom and if you notice you will see me in the mirror taking the picture. (Isn’t that just special!) I knew you all would be excited to see the toilet!

pics 189708

Of course this is the shower.

pics 189710

This is the view outside Jake’s bedroom window. I probably should of taken more pictures around the place but to tell you the truth I almost forgot to take these. We had to run over to Target and pick up a few things. It just seemed like we were on fast forward. Now lets all just say a prayer that he’ll love school! I keep telling him he needs to start meditating and say to himself, I love school, I love school, I love school just like I have to go back to work tomorrow and I keep saying, “I can’t wait, I can’t wait, I can’t wait.”


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