Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bad Mood Strikes


Well I have certainly had better days. I had a flat tire this morning and Rusty tried to fix it and he said the tire is just ruined. We were going to be putting all new tires on it anyway because it needed it but of course everything is just happening at once. I can’t take Doug’s car tomorrow because his car needs new tires also and he can’t drive it out of town. Rusty’s pickup might make it out of town if you hold your breath and say a few prayers along the way so……….eight new tires, I’m sure that will be a lovely price tag. What are you going to do? It is what it is. hip hip hooray! I’m going to start complaining like Eeyore! Well before the horror of everything starting sinking in, I did manage to take a picture this morning of some morning glories. I have morning glory coming up everywhere.

pics 189728

The stupid money plant I bought hasn’t bloomed once!!!! They told me just keep it watered, keep it in full sun, fertilize it now and then and it will have big bills on it and look like this


Well here’s mine! I want my money back!!!

dead plant 1

Stupid people and their Stupid plants!!


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