Thursday, July 2, 2009

Story Hour

pics 118 Wednesday was the first story hour at the Public Library. This year’s theme is “Be Creative at Your Library.” We had a really good turn out and there might even be some more next Wednesday once swim lessons are over with. As I mentioned before I am helping Linda Sears and we have the 1st- 3rd graders. We started with an introduction to what we will be doing then we read a little bit out of the book “Flat Stanley.”

pics 113 We decided we would read a little bit each week and finish it the last week they are there. They each colored a flat Stanley that they will be taking home with them the last day, by then they will know all about Flat Stanley! I didn’t know if very many of them knew flat Stanley or not but I asked them and only 2 said they knew about him so it was kind of neat that this will be new to them. Here are the Flat Stanleys they colored.

pics 109

I made up a Flat Stanley ahead of time so they could see what he looked like. We told them each week when they come they will look for Flat Stanley as he will be in the room somewhere different each time. Each week we will be doing something different along with hunting for Flat Stanley.  Stay tuned for next weeks, Be Creative at Your Library! Here’s my Flat Stanley! He might show up in future pictures of mine cause Flat Stanley likes to travel!

pics 116

I guess I should tell you about Flat Stanley. He is a little boy that got flatten by his bulletin board falling on him while he was sleeping. Now he is learning to do things while “being flat.” He likes to travel places and even went by envelope to a friends house far away. The book is about his adventures.


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