Saturday, June 6, 2009


Doug made it home today from Washington D.C. ! He had a good time but is glad to be home. He is pretty tired too! It sounds like they had a week of nonstop action!

I went to Marge and Stanley Aistrope’s sale today. I was very happy with my purchases! I got a doll that my great Grandma Reed made. I had one already that Grandma Reed had made for my mom. Here is the reunion of the dolls!

pics 030 

pics 031

They have been inseparable since I brought her sis home. The one on the left in the red dress is the one I already had.

pics 027

They have just been yaking up a storm!

I purchased a box with all these jars in it. They are without lids but I am sure I can find some.

pics 028

Then I found these old patterns that I was thrilled to get! I have some craft projects in mind for these.

pics 029

Here’s a couple examples of something I want to make with the patterns. I just think they are cute!




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