Saturday, May 30, 2009

Saturday outing

Today my friend Joan and I went to Roca to Sweet Annie’s Ninth semi-annual antique show and sale. It’s always fun to go and check things out. I saw some beautiful pieces that I would love to have but they are just a little bit out of my price range at this point in time. Sweet Annie’s Bed and Breakfast is in Roca, Nebraska. Here is a picture of Sweet Annie’s. This is the back side.


Then from there we went to Lincoln to Aunt Patty’s Attic. Here are a few pictures I found here on their website.




Here is a picture of a hooked rug I think is pretty


Ok, now for my purchases. I got this basket to hang on my patio door. I’ve been wanting a basket to hang here.

pics 011

I love yellowware! I got 4 of these coffee mugs.

pics 016

At Sweet Annie’s I got this flour sack table runner.

pics 012

pics 013

We browsed a few other places too. It was a pretty good day and we had a lot of fun!


P.S. For those who don’t know, if you put your mouse over the  word (here or website) that are in red, it will link you to that site. So for future reference, take note when I use a different color on a word.! :-)

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