Sunday, May 17, 2009


Well it’s all behind us now. The day went pretty fast but towards evening I was getting pretty tired. I did good, I didn’t cry. I think I was too busy and occupied to cry. I took some pictures of outside when we got things ready.oldpictures 053

oldpictures 054

oldpictures 055

oldpictures 056

oldpictures 057

oldpictures 050

Here is the cake Rusty’s sister Linda made. This one was a white cake and the other one was chocolate. We thought she did a great job! Thank you Linda!!

oldpictures 051

oldpictures 058

oldpictures 059

oldpictures 060

oldpictures 064

oldpictures 062

oldpictures 063

Don’t forget if you click on the pictures, it will make them bigger.

Here is a picture I found of Rusty when he graduated.

oldpictures 035

Here is a picture of me and my dad when I graduated.

oldpictures 018

Mindy :-)

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