Thursday, April 30, 2009

You don’t want to know!

Yesterday afternoon I noticed my cell phone was not working. It was just plain dead in fact it acted like it did once before when they had to give me a new battery for it. Well I plugged it in and it said it was charging so I go back to it later and check it and it said it was completely charged so I unplug it and, nothing, it is deader than a doorknob. So I am fuming about now, by gosh they are going to do something about this, I am going to get reimbursed in some way for all this trouble and for having to go without phone service for hours. After work I go over to Shenandoah where I got it and explained my problem. It was the same guy that I had talked to the last time it did this and so he remembered what happened the last time. Well he plugged it in and it charged ok and my picture even came on the screen and I told him it wasn’t even doing that before. It seems the phone got shut off and I didn’t realize it. I know, I know, you are asking yourself, “didn’t you think to try and turn it on? Well ever since I’ve had it I’ve never turned it off so no the thought of turning it on never occurred to me. Lord, help me out a little bit down here. I seem to be losing a few smarts! Just so you know, I was in the National Honor Society in school! I’m sure this could happen to anybody, right? Say a little prayer for me tonight before you go to bed, will you please?!


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