Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ok, well let’s see I have been addressing graduation announcements and getting those ready to mail. I have already mailed some.  I’ve picked up some graduation things here and there so we’ve just got to finish planning all that out.  I’ve got to remember to pick up the things I ordered for the senior dinner at FM. I still have some time before that yet. My list keeps getting longer!

I had to go to Omaha today after work and so I stopped at JoAnn fabrics and looked at their scrapbooking stuff. I have been wanting a crop-a-dile and I have only seen them on line and they are usually $30.00 and up. Well today was my lucky day because JoAnn’s had all their scrapbooking stuff 40% off and they had the crop-a-dile and I got it for $17.00! I was super excited! What’s a crop-a-dile you ask?  Well it is eight tools in one. You can punch paper, fabric, leather, plastic chipboard, wood, acrylic, poly and more! I’ll just be a punchin fool!! You can also set eyelets and snaps with it! So come on over and I’ll punch out any little thing you need!!


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