Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have been pretty busy with things lately. Prom is this Saturday and I have been helping to get ready for that. Tomorrow I have to go and pick up tuxes and flowers and then tomorrow night I have to go shopping with some other parents and get some more prizes. Then Saturday, Rusty and I are going to help with the all night party so we will see how long we can stay awake! I’m really concerned about making it past 10:00 pm! I’ll let you know how that all works out. Meanwhile I have been working on some scrapbooks like I told you previously.



These two pictures are an accordian style card I made for a graduation. It has a graduation poem on the bottom part and then it has little tag inserts that have extra little sayings on them that you can pull out and read.




These last three photos are of a little mini scrapbook my supervisor Carla made. I think it is really cute. I want to try and make one like it. It opens up accordian style and has pictures and things on both sides.

I don't know if any of you know it or not but if you click on any of my pictures, it will make them bigger! :-)


  1. I didn't know that if you clicked on your picture's they would get bigger, I like that feature! I love you are getting back into scrapbooking. Maybe we can get together and do some scrapping this summer. :0)

  2. Mindy, your mini scrapbooks were just delightful you are such a creative person.