Thursday, April 30, 2009

You don’t want to know!

Yesterday afternoon I noticed my cell phone was not working. It was just plain dead in fact it acted like it did once before when they had to give me a new battery for it. Well I plugged it in and it said it was charging so I go back to it later and check it and it said it was completely charged so I unplug it and, nothing, it is deader than a doorknob. So I am fuming about now, by gosh they are going to do something about this, I am going to get reimbursed in some way for all this trouble and for having to go without phone service for hours. After work I go over to Shenandoah where I got it and explained my problem. It was the same guy that I had talked to the last time it did this and so he remembered what happened the last time. Well he plugged it in and it charged ok and my picture even came on the screen and I told him it wasn’t even doing that before. It seems the phone got shut off and I didn’t realize it. I know, I know, you are asking yourself, “didn’t you think to try and turn it on? Well ever since I’ve had it I’ve never turned it off so no the thought of turning it on never occurred to me. Lord, help me out a little bit down here. I seem to be losing a few smarts! Just so you know, I was in the National Honor Society in school! I’m sure this could happen to anybody, right? Say a little prayer for me tonight before you go to bed, will you please?!


Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I was gong to put a picture on tonight  but for some reason I can’t get it to work so I am going to have to wait until Derek comes back Friday to help me. I don’t know what’s going on, can you imagine that? Me, not knowing what’s going on? Anyway as soon as I get the problem figured out I’ll put my picture on.

I’m trying to figure out Jake’s graduation cake. If anyone has any ideas throw them my way. I’m talking about how to decorate it. Of course Jake is no help at all!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Well I pulled a big no no today, I got all the way home from work and realized I had left my purse there. I had called Rusty on the way home and he was up working in that area so I called him back when I realized I had left my purse and asked him if he could stop and get it. I called Carla and she ran back out to work and took it to her house (Thank you Carla!) and then Rusty picked it up from there so it all worked out ok. That is the first time I have ever done that. I hope it is also the last! I have been working on a couple of projects. I should have one done tomorrow. I will post a picture then.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


It' is so dark and dreary and rainy out. Kind of spooky! You know what I’m about to do? That’s right, I am going to drag out my scrapbooking and play with some of that. I finally got my table cleaned off yesterday and now I’m going to get some things back out but not as much as the last time so I will easily be able to put it away when I’m done.We have no TV right now because we have Direct TV and when it rains there is no picture. It gets really frustrating!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009


Ok, well let’s see I have been addressing graduation announcements and getting those ready to mail. I have already mailed some.  I’ve picked up some graduation things here and there so we’ve just got to finish planning all that out.  I’ve got to remember to pick up the things I ordered for the senior dinner at FM. I still have some time before that yet. My list keeps getting longer!

I had to go to Omaha today after work and so I stopped at JoAnn fabrics and looked at their scrapbooking stuff. I have been wanting a crop-a-dile and I have only seen them on line and they are usually $30.00 and up. Well today was my lucky day because JoAnn’s had all their scrapbooking stuff 40% off and they had the crop-a-dile and I got it for $17.00! I was super excited! What’s a crop-a-dile you ask?  Well it is eight tools in one. You can punch paper, fabric, leather, plastic chipboard, wood, acrylic, poly and more! I’ll just be a punchin fool!! You can also set eyelets and snaps with it! So come on over and I’ll punch out any little thing you need!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Well the track meet is here in Hamburg today so I will be heading that way here in a little bit. Hope it won’t be windy like it was yesterday!

My dining room table is a mess! Since I have been working on scrapbook things I have all that stuff piled on my table. I guess that’s the price you pay when inspiration hits ya!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday morning

Well we got home about 6:30 this morning and I laid down for a little while but couldn’t really sleep and Rusty ended up and went over to Nebraska City to get some groceries. It probably won’t hit us until later. I think the night went pretty well. The Sumo wrestling was a hoot! The funniest part of that was when you fell down you had to have help getting back up. That was hilarious watching people trying to get back up. The bungee pull thing was fun but a lot of the kids complained of their head hurting or getting dizzy doing it. You run forward as fast as you can before it pulls you back. Then we had the race track cars, I tried it and I couldn’t get my car to even go around the track once! Then there was putt putt golf. several liked playing Texas hold’em and some were having fun messing around with Guitar Hero rock band and dance revolution. I tried the dance revolution. That could really be a good workout if you got going on it fast. Then we come to the hypnotist. That was funny watching those that got hypnotized! It amazes me how people can go under like that. There were a lot of good prizes. There were junior prizes and senior prizes. Names were drawn and you got to go pick out a gift. Jacob’s name was drawn 2nd and he picked the small refrigerator. I’m glad it worked out he got it cause he was really wanting that. Here are a few pictures I managed to take.


This is Jacob and his girlfriend Nikki







This is Doug and his girlfriend Megan































Some of the big boys playing cars


My attempt at driving!


One of the moms trying out the sumo wrestling!


Jake getting ready to wrestle!


Uh oh, somebody help him up!!


Megan and Doug getting ready to bungee


Jake in action


Megan is going to give it a try


Aren’t those suits funny?!


Jake and Nikki golfing


Doug and Megan golfing


Taking a break!


Jacob trying out the dance revolution


A serious card game going on!

Well as you can see I think everyone had a good time. About 4:30 everybody was wanting to go home. We had a few kids laying in the bleachers and the smiles were starting to fade away come early morning. Then the parents started on the clean up which is always fun! No one is going to want to get up early come Monday morning including me!!


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prom day Saturday

Well here we are on Prom day already! I am just counting the minutes until I have to start doing things. I hope I have everything done that needs to be done! Since I will be at the all night party I am going to try and sneak some pictures and hopefully the boys won’t notice!

Here are a couple of pictures I found in a free Kaiser workshop magazine. I thought they looked like fun!



Thursday, April 16, 2009


I have been pretty busy with things lately. Prom is this Saturday and I have been helping to get ready for that. Tomorrow I have to go and pick up tuxes and flowers and then tomorrow night I have to go shopping with some other parents and get some more prizes. Then Saturday, Rusty and I are going to help with the all night party so we will see how long we can stay awake! I’m really concerned about making it past 10:00 pm! I’ll let you know how that all works out. Meanwhile I have been working on some scrapbooks like I told you previously.



These two pictures are an accordian style card I made for a graduation. It has a graduation poem on the bottom part and then it has little tag inserts that have extra little sayings on them that you can pull out and read.




These last three photos are of a little mini scrapbook my supervisor Carla made. I think it is really cute. I want to try and make one like it. It opens up accordian style and has pictures and things on both sides.

I don't know if any of you know it or not but if you click on any of my pictures, it will make them bigger! :-)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Believe it or not I have been trying to make some mini scrapbooks for hours. I don’t know why I get these wild hairs to try something new.  I see it somewhere and I think, oh that would be fun to do, so I try it and it takes me hours figuring out what someone else would have done in 5 minutes. You at least have to give me “E” for effort! I’m not giving up but I am going to take a break before I lose my mind!!!  Here are a couple of examples of what I’m attempting to do.



Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well I don’t know about anybody else but I ate too much as usual. We had a nice day with my mom and dad and my brother and Ciara. They all made it for dinner. Then we have just been having a lazy day. Here is a picture of the boys and my niece Ciara. It’s the first picture in a long time that we have had them all together in a photo.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Rusty, Doug and I went to Council Bluffs today and made a few stops before getting some groceries. It was such a nice pretty day we decided to go do some extra things. Rusty had to get his Easter dinner shopping done. I am absolutely spoiled rotten when it comes to cooking. I am so lucky that he likes to cook.  Actually I am very blessed for he is so good to me!

Everyone have a great Easter!



Thursday, April 9, 2009



These are the little Easter baskets I made for my coworkers. I cheated on the bunnies. I bought those already made simply because I didn’t want to take the time to make them but I did make the baskets and then I filled them with some blue grass and some blue eggs.

I have been cold every since I got home from work and I am missing that sunshine today!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009



Meet Mr. Idaho Potato guy. Carla and I got one today at the food show we went to. He was a freebie and a mighty cute one I might add! I have a few minutes before I have to go to a library meeting so I thought I would put Mr. Idaho on for you to see! I know, it doesn’t take much to impress me! It’s pretty sad when you can fall in love with a little stuffed potato guy!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


I just got home from the Harvest. We had our fundraiser tonight for Prom. It looked like we had a good crowd. The food was good! Hope we made some good money. They are having an auction at 7:00 but I didn’t stay for that.



Saturday, April 4, 2009


Rusty had to work all day today so I had to go get groceries all by myself!  I picked up a few things that weren’t  on the list but they were good things! I got some frozen strawberries and some frozen blueberries and some vanilla yogurt.  Mix some together and it is yummy!  When I got home I read through some magazines that I checked out at the library. Believe it or not, ever since Rusty got home he has been in the kitchen making things. Tomorrow we are having a church breakfast so he thinks he has to make something wonderful.  He showed me the recipe in a magazine that he wants to make and I just told him, more power to ya!! Looks like work to me! 

Here is a saying that pretty much rings true!


These are just some little stitchery pillows I have in a wooden bowl. Some of them I made and some of them I just bought.


Friday, April 3, 2009


bird Tonight we went to the Wizard of Oz play at the high school. It was great!! All the kids did a  really good job! It was certainly worth going to! Doug was Uncle Henry and the guardsman and Jake was the head monkey, Nikko.

I am not looking forward to any snow. Hope it all misses us.  It is time for Spring to come and stay!