Thursday, March 26, 2009

Patience, I have none

Well I spent a lot of time on the computer today when I got home trying to make some changes on Jake’s FASFA papers. They tell you oh yes you just go right back to the site, enter your necessary info to access your personal FASFA to edit the changes you would like to make. YOU BET BABY! I tried it 4 times, called the customer service number a billon times and they finally say to me, it must be your browser is not compatible with our site. Yeah, whatever!!!! I’ll wait and try it again on Derek’s computer this weekend and if it doesn’t work then, I’m going to cry myself a river! Why can’t things just go smoothly? Where is it written that you have to experience extreme stress with every little thing that is supposed to be EASY? And just as I was typing that last sentence, a window box popped up (about my virus protector) and went right smack over my words and I couldn’t see what I was doing!! See what I mean!! OK, time out, I must take a deep breath in and sing, “There is sunshine in my soul today!” That ought to hold me until the next thing comes along!!! LOL

On a different note, here is a picture I saw that I thought was pretty. They were talking about planting some wheatgrass in pots. I think I might give that a try, it would make a pretty spring decoration, although I’ll probably buy the packet that has crabgrass in it by mistake!!


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