Monday, March 30, 2009


Yesterday I attended a baby shower for Robin. She received a lot of nice gifts or should I say the baby received a lot of nice gifts! The ultrasound informed them that they will be having a girl so if by chance there is a mistake, I hope the baby boy will like pink!! She is doing her nursery in frogs and dragon flies. I got her a couple of outfits and then I had made this flower bouquet using some baby socks. I had seen it done somewhere and thought it would be fun to try and make.


Here is another project I saw on a site. I thought it was really neat, kind of a primitive thing making an Easter basket out of basic materials.


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  1. I was hoping you would show everyone the flower bouquet. A very cute idea. I just love to see all your craft items. I really liked the soap container, such a neat way to fancy up something that you use every day. It would make a neat little item to take as a hostess gift. You could decorated it for the occasion.