Monday, March 23, 2009


Ya gotta love it, it’s Monday! Back to work day. Oh well, somebody’s got to do it! I have a bunch of things I need to start doing but here I set at the computer. I’ll get right to it as soon as I’m finished here.

Here is a picture of a little chick penny rug I made last year. I think it is so cute. The other picture is the penny rug I am wanting to do right now. I have some of my pieces cut out. It is a Maggie Bonanomi pattern. She has a lot of neat primitive patterns. Also I have included a spring stitchery pattern I made a couple of years ago.




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  1. I just love the little chicken one. I got one like it from your yard sale last year, but I let Robin have it. It's so cute on her table with her button flowers. I like the penny rugs a lot, maybe someday I'll try one. I really like the spring stitchery also! You are so creative...