Friday, March 27, 2009

The Gaudy Potty


Well, I just finished doing the supper dishes and I looked out my window and saw it, the gaudy potty. There was a note attached to my door that read, IT’S  AFTER PROM TIME, IT’S TIME FOR A PARTY. WE NEED TO MAKE MONEY SO WE’RE PASSING “THE POTTY.”  FOR A $10.00 DONATION WE’LL MOVE IT ON…JUST GIVE US A CALL AND  WE’LL COME GET THE “JOHN.”  YOU PICK THE NEXT ONE TO RECEIVE THE YARD TROPHY. IT MUST KEEP MOVING SO DON’T BE POKEY. THANK YOU! THE AFTER PROM COMMITTEE

So I guess I better go see about moving that there potty to some unsuspecting soul!

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