Saturday, February 7, 2009

New shoes............NOT!

Well Rusty and I headed over to Shenandoah today to get some groceries. Since it was so nice out we made a few other stops. I needed some new tennis shoes to wear to work because the sole is coming apart on mine. So we go into Browns and they are having a big shoe sale, so the window says! Alright, I hit it just right! I go in and look around and they only have one shoe in my size. I wasn't too crazy about the look of it but I tried it on to see how it felt. Well, it felt ok and the longer I had it on the better it felt so I asked how much it was. $116.00 but they were on sale for $86.00. Now, if they had been some kind of shoe that was going to transform me into a new person, I might have considered it but since that wasn't going to happen I chose to pass. I thought I will just put some glue in my shoe until I can go somewhere else and get them a little cheaper. Surely that place exists!!! So I decided to head next door to the Emporium. Their window says they are having a clearance sale, maybe I will have better luck there. I liked to look around in there anyway.
BINGO, I found a good sale! I found me a hooked rug 1/2 price!! These are anywhere from $50 on up. I got this one for $25. I was very pleased with my purchase! Here is a picture of my new rug.

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