Monday, February 16, 2009


Well I got to stay home today. FM didn't have school. Mom and I ran over to Nebraska City and I finally found me a pair of tennis shoes. I got them at Browns, but they had more to choose from than the Browns in Shenandoah and before I even tried any on I asked him if he had anything at or below the amount I was willing to pay. He said, "Oh yeah, I have several" and I'm thinking, "for real?" Evidently he was telling the truth cause he brought me different ones to try on and I found a pair I liked so I went for it. I usually have a hard time finding shoes that fit me, so to find good ones at a good price is extra special!
Anyway, I guess spring starts sometime in March and mom said she liked the flowers I made one year out of buttons so I decided to drag them out and show ya. They were fun and easy to make! Now if we could just get rid of all the snow and have it look more like spring!

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