Monday, February 23, 2009

Make Sure You Know

Here's a bit of information for you and maybe you already are well aware of such a thing but since I am not accustomed to using any kind of debit card, I did not know this. Jacob got a Walmart debit card for Christmas. Well to start things off in order to activate your card you have to give Walmart all your personal information including your social security number, clear down to what you had for supper the night before!! Even though mind you, this is a gift to you and it is already paid for. You also have to have the receipt for the card. Well we told them this was a gift and we don't have a receipt. So then we have to fill out more papers. So we finally got the card activated and it was for $25.00. Soon we receive an email from Walmart and we now have a balance of $22.00. They charge you a $3.00 service charge every month, So if you don't run out and immediately purchase something, your money just slowly disappears. So if you get a Walmart debit card for a gift and you think you are going to save it until the right thing comes along, you better think again because you might just pull it out to use it and it's all gone because it went to service fees. Like I said, maybe you all know this and are thinking, well yeah you dummy! But we're from the old country and we don't use debit cards therefore we were in the dark! It just makes me feel bad for the person that bought the card cause $3.00 of their hard earned money went down the drain. Stupid Walmart !

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