Sunday, February 8, 2009

Coming Clean

Ok, I decided to come clean about my family. We all have carried this secret about our lives and I decided it was about time I let you all in on it. First of all, Rusty was the real actor in the Austin Powers movies. Derek has made millions, I am on the cover of Elle magazine, Jacob has an alternate personality which is Chuckie and Doug has been seeing Angelina Jolie on the side! Well now that you know the truth about us, I hope we can all still remain close! Truly, we are just your regular down to earth family!


  1. These pictures are hilarous! I recognized you all except Rusty....
    Jacob is the funniest!
    I thought you were getting really good at this picture thing, then I saw the website. Looks interesting.

  2. I love your new look! Even in spite of your secret lives you are still number one with all of us! Are shares available for Derek's business? Joanny

  3. I thought I knew all your family. This was exciting to know Mindy. Looks like you are all
    doing great.

  4. Boy Mindy, you are one HOT MAMMA!