Sunday, January 25, 2009


Ok, I am done with my Valentine stitchery. I tried to take the best picture I could of it. It was hard because the light kept reflecting off it. Anyway, while I had the camera out I decided I would take some more random shots around the house. You got to remember it's Sunday again so I'm doing my girly stuff while the guys are watching boring TV. I have already tried once to put them on and didn't do it right cause my computer shut down. Gee whiz, does anybody else have this much trouble trying to do something that evidently the whole world out there already knows how to do?!? Derek keeps laughing at me. He can't seem to understand why something so easy could be so hard. Rusty keeps hollering, "can you order a new brain!!" I think everybody is ganging up on me! Oh well, what am I here for if not to put a few laughs in everybodys life.I think poor Doug has inherited some of my blondness cause after he had been up all morning and had even looked outside he asks us if it snowed last night!I said, my gosh Doug, you're asking one of my questions. Well he informed us he meant, did it snow anymore than it already had. See, that is what I would have meant too, had I asked that question. You just have to know how our minds work!! I know I know, you are thinking, what a bunch of nuts but chances are if you are reading this post it's because you're either related to us or you are a friend thats supposed to love us in spite of our faults!!!!!

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