Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phone problems

Well, my new cell phone was dealing me fits. I would charge it overnight and then by 2:00 the next day, it would go completely dead. It happened again today so I called my cell phone carrier and told them about it. They said I need to take it to them so they can see if it is the phone or the battery. Which means I have to take it over to Shenandoah. I told them I didn't know when I would make it over but after work on the way home I kept thinking, I don't want to be without my phone so I drove over to Shen with a frown on my face and got it taken care of. They put a new battery in it. Hopefully this takes care of the problem! Now I will have to do the things I was going to do today after work tomorrow. This just totally messed up my schedule!! LOL

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