Sunday, February 17, 2019

Time Flies

Time flies and yet this winter with all the snow we have had, the days seem long.


Jasper has a pretty good view to check the progress of snow removal!


Meanwhile, on the inside, I’m trying to think Spring.



Jasper decided it was a good day for a nap.


I have to share a couple of cute pictures.  One day I had to (notice I said had to) run into Hobby Lobby and I had Ash with me. He just doesn’t find it as exciting as I do!


Then one day when Ash was here to visit, Jasper wasn’t sure why he was allowed to sit in his chair!


Sending out warm thoughts,


Friday, February 1, 2019

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Just Sayin…

As the new year approaches, I hope it remembers …


Sunday, December 2, 2018

Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas

Had fun setting this little scene up.



Still love my gingerbread!



Asher enjoying the tree.


Decided to do a more simpler look with the tree this year. No ornaments.



Made this gingerbread wool applique years ago. One of my favorite pieces.


I have a feeling December is going to fly by!


Monday, October 15, 2018

A “Must Have” Book

Hi everyone, I wanted to share the release of this new book with you all, “Gatherings from the Good Earth” by Twila Fairbanks. I came to know Twila through her log cabin shop in Roca, Nebraska.  I spent a lot of memorable times at the cabin, visiting Twila, her shop and attending various classes and fun activities she held. It was there that I made my Maggie Bonanomi wool quilt, “Settler’s Pride!”   Twila has a way with words. I use to look forward to her newsletters she sent out from her shop. In fact, I saved a lot of them because I wanted to be able to go back and reread them.  Now, I have this wonderful book she has written, to enjoy.  I decided to read the foreward but then I skipped to September because I wanted to begin with the fall season that we are in.

Her book is available on Amazon but if you order it directly from the shop, (Good Earth Gatherings, link below) shipping is included as well as having it signed. 


I look forward to following along month to month through the seasons making myself more aware of everything around me, to stop and thoroughly enjoy what each season brings my way.

Thank you Twila for putting your heart and soul into this book to share with countless others. I applaud you, job well done!

To learn more about Twila and her book, check out the website. 

For those of you on Facebook, Twila and her daughter also have a Facebook page Good Earth Gatherings. 



Sunday, September 30, 2018

Dollar Tree

I saw some friends on Instagram talking about making some fall bouquets from faux flowers from the Dollar Tree, so I of course had to go check out the flowers there and this is what I came up with. 


I was pleasantly surprised at how it came out!


My purchase from Sweet Annie’s open house, a sweet little fall gathering.


Have to share a little funny that happened today.  Rusty and I went out to eat at Raising Cane’s. They asked Rusty for his name after he placed our order.  Pretty soon we hear, “Rustic, your order is ready….Rustic.”    I guess you could say he’s a little rustic, lol! 


Saturday, September 22, 2018

Happy Fall

Hello to the first day of Fall!


Hubby got my scarecrow out and we found us some pumpkins so I think we’re good to go!



I’ve had this fiber optic scarecrow for years and he still works. Every year I plug it in thinking it won’t work but he hasn’t failed me yet!